Candidate Exclusives

Market yourself directly to employers with our exclusive Member Profiles and find the right volunteer committee within JSFG to hone your skills. 


Candidate Profiles

JSFG is now a talent pool. The Candidate Profile application was created for Candidates by Candidates to better serve you in your job search. Market yourself directly to employers: the only information you need is already on your Linkedin. 

Candidate profiles are available once you've attended a Job Search Focus Group meeting. Learn more about joining JSFG.

Volunteer Committees

Facilitation Committee

The Facilitation Committee is responsible for ensuring that all JSFG meetings are successful.  Volunteers of this committee have a wide range of responsibilities including but not limited to scheduling speakers, communicating meeting schedules to the leadership team, and facilitating Monday meetings. This is a tremendous opportunity to challenge yourself and develop skills that will benefit your job search. The commitment is 1-2 Mondays per month from 8:30 am to 11 am.

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Marketing Committee

The purpose of the JSFG Marketing Committee is to assure that local job-seeking professionals who are not yet Candidates, as well as the region's HR hiring managers, companies, and recruiting firms, both hear about and are attracted to attend JSFG Monday Meetings and to utilize the newly designed website. This Committee continually works on projects to market JSFG to the region through social media and events, and by networking with other resource groups.

Through the redesigned website with Candidate Profile and Employer Portal, JSFG now enables companies to easily search for needed talent.  This is just one example of the work we do.

Join the Marketing Committee!  We have much to accomplish and it may lead to your next career move!   If interested, email

Business Office Committee

The Business Office Committee is responsible for assigning volunteers to help during office hours (Mondays 12-3pm and Tuesday-Friday 9am-3pm). Committee Candidates oversee the schedule of volunteers, are responsible for making sure all shifts are assigned to a JSFG Candidate and office equipment is in good order, and that paper announcements and brochures are set out and gathered back up each Monday morning meeting. The commitment asked of all JSFG Candidates (including chairperson and committee Candidates) is two office shifts per month (six hours total).

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Orientation Committee

We are the welcoming committee for new Candidates with a one-hour orientation during their first visit to JSFG.  We provide an overview of JSFG with the benefits we offer people in career transition. Our goal is not only to inform but to make sure people in transition find comfort and help at JSFG.
This is an opportunity to develop your public speaking skills. The commitment is 2-5 Mondays per month from 7:30am to 9am, followed by the general meeting from 9:00-11:00am.

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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for signing up new members every week. We work during the general meeting to make sure all new members receive a nametag and are assigned a membership account. The commitment is 2-5 Mondays per month from 9am to 11am plus attendance at the monthly Leadership Meeting of one hour. This Committee provides a great opportunity to meet new people, expand one’s network, and create connections that can help you land your dream career move!

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AV Committee

The AV Committee is responsible for assisting with all audio and visual technology needs during our Monday meetings. We work during the general meeting to make sure the PowerPoint presentation is displayed correctly and that people in the room can hear our speakers. You don’t have to be an audio/visual guru to volunteer: We can teach you! The commitment is 2-5 Mondays per month from 8:30am to 11:30am plus attendance at the monthly Leadership Meeting of one hour.

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Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee mission is to bring companies looking for new talent to JFSG. We talk to SMBs and global corporations, introduce JSFG, and invite them to our meeting. These companies speak about their needs so that we make the connection between our talented members and these organizations.  This is a great opportunity for career seekers to meet targeted companies, to understand their HR needs, and to become a top-of-mind candidate.

Demand on your time varies depending upon the efficiency you experience getting through to these companies. Attendance at the monthly Leadership Meeting of one hour is required to ensure outreach efforts are understood by the group and synchronized for success.

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