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In Greater Cincinnati (SW Ohio, N. Kentucky, SE Indiana), JSFG offers employers easily the most personable and perhaps the most cost-effective opportunity in the area to seek, find, and hire qualified, available, approachable and smiling talent for your workforce or project or expanding new initiative.

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At home in Cincinnati’s Hyde Park, JSFG is an organization powered by volunteers committed to service and invested in community. Its weekly forum on Monday mornings helps members learn about, find, and secure the best available opportunities.

JSFG volunteers care about community. We invest time and talent to attract local employers like you, and we help fellow professionals including young professionals polish their personal brand while in transition.

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JSFG invites you to tap into events and resources regularly and as needs arise—and it’s free—so please help us spread the good word to other great businesses and organizations in or around Greater Cincinnati.

We welcome you to come see directly how it all works and begin your search in earnest. Choose a Monday morning. By letting us know your plan, we will be best prepared to greet you in Hyde Park.

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