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Job Search Focus Group is an all-volunteer outreach for professionals in career transition. JSFG members successfully navigate their career transition and job search through purposeful networking, connecting with and helping others during their career transition process. JSFG meets at the Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church (1345 Grace Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208) from 9-11am on Mondays.

Visit jsfg.com/meetings for updates listed on the event calendar.

First-time visitor orientation session is held each week at 8:30am in the first floor Library followed by a general meeting in the Little Theater (second floor) including networking and a guest speaker. Those interested in membership information can contact Nan Stricker at 513-519-3756 to learn about the benefits of JSFG.

? www.jsfg.com | Linkedin: JSFG of Cincinnati | Twitter: @jsfg_cinti | Instagram: @jsfg_cinti | FaceBook: Job Search Focus Group @jsfgcincy


“I learned more at the first two JSFG meetings than I learned in 6 months with a paid career coach.” P.H.

“From mock interviews to individual meetings, you do it all. Going through a job loss is humbling and exhausting. Thank you for making the journey lighter for me and all. The JSFG team members are truly incredible people.” S.S.

“I wanted to thank you and the JSFG team and member for all the help you’ve provided during my difficult and often frustrating career transition. With the encouraging presence and simple kindness I found at JSFG, I discovered not only great resources but also the courage to keep going.” J.N.

“I regret not coming sooner.” V.C.

“JSFG is a great group of folks who provide encouragement and tools to help in a process that can be daunting and discouraging.” K.V.

“I wanted to let you know I received an excellent job offer and accepted it! I will be working at abc in the IT PMO office as a Project Management Analyst. I am excited and looking forward to this new opportunity. Please know I very much appreciate the support and guidance with my job search provided by all of the volunteers at JSFG. Thanks to JSFG for helping me while I was in career transition.” J.S.

“To all of my new friends at JSFG. I wanted to let the career transition group know that I have obtained my desired position! I will be joining the HR staff at abc as a Compensation Consultant. I appreciate having access to JSFG’s services and resources during my search. It’s much appreciated.” D.D.

“I just wanted to drop you both a quick note. My sincere heartfelt Thank You to all the people at JSFG. It was absolutely an amazing 4-week experience. All the best to you and the good people at JSFG.” S.E.